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Ilanga Festival, Planten un Blomen Hamburg

DUBE is something very special. Whoever listens to their music will feel happier, and whoever sees them playing or dancing cannot help but feel on top of the world. This is not only because you will want to snap your fingers or groove to the music from the very first beat, but also because DUBE stands for much more.

DUBE´s music is moving and enriching. The South African sounds and singing, fronted by Dumisani_Mabaso, will captivate you. He formed the band in 1987, together with his wife, Bethina. Dumisani Mabaso comes from South Africa - more precisely, from Dube, which is a district of Soweto (South-Western-Township - south-west of Johannesburg). This is one of the main origins of the name.

However, there is even more to the name. DUBE´s colours are black and white and that leads us to the second reason for this name. Dube is also an isiZulu word which means "zebra". And the zebra, which is also DUBE´s symbol stands for a world in which all humans, no matter what colour or religion, live together in peace and harmony. This is also reflected in DUBE´s music. But there's one thing missing… after they came up with the name of the band, Dumisani and Bethina realised that the name can be formed from the first two letters of their first names. That is DUBE!

Bethina und Dumisani 2014

Bethina and Dumisani today

If you are not brave enough to dream you will never have the power to win!
Bethina und Dumisani 1987

... and 1987.

Together with their son Thando and their longtime friends the composers and multi-instrumentalists Hinrich Dageför, Simon Murumahoko and Oliver Höppner, Bethina and Dumisani have performed on stage around the world.

They exhilarate their audiences with traditional and township music, incorporating modern sounds as well.

The spiritual and musical links to Dumisani Mabasos roots can be heard - and above all felt - in their diverse repertoire.

DUBE`s lyrics are, among others, in isiZulu, Sesotho, Xitsonga, isiXhosa, Tshivenda and in English. And when they are accompanied by instruments such as drums, Mbira/Kalimba, Marimba and Ithanga, the unmistakeable sound of this rainbow nation is created. Mbaqanga, the traditional sound which originated in the townships, is also part of their act.

Enjoy the Music of DUBE -
sit down and listen or get up and Dance!

But that's not all!


Gumboot dance DUBE also performs something very special


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Dumisani now lives in Hamburg, north Germany. (audio_clip: Hamburg_NDR_90,3).

"You can make great music in this wonderful, multi-faceted city. The audiences here are very open and responsive. Every performance is great fun!"

'Silver Jubilee - 25 Years DUBE'
at the eigenarten Festival with Kodjo Wendt

Dumisani Mabaso
DUBE MUSIC: captivating & authentic

DUBE has performed for:
S.A. Botschaft / Berlin / Madrid / Wien :::
"Bread for the World" Campaign ::: S.A. Tourism
Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung ::: S.A. Airways ::: ZDF
Tropenaquarium Hamburg ::: Emirates ::: K.I.K.A
Süd-Afrika Magazin ::: Kaufhof ::: Architektur Salon
Kirchentag ::: and many other events

Who is

Dumisani Mabaso

Lisa und Tshepo
Musica Altona e.V.
Bethina Walbaum

Sample from all-female band "Shemotion"
Musica Altona e.V.
Rockbüro Hamburg e.V.
Thando Mabaso Walbaum

Thando on Facebook
On Youtube with Mandy Capristo (Closer)
Thando Mabaso Walbaum
Simon Murumahoko

B.O.O.M Band with Simon (Guitar/Vocals)
B.O.O.M Band on Facebook
Hinrich Dageför

Ougenweide O`ton Studio
Hinrich Dageför
Oliver Höppner

Musica Altona e.V.
Oliver Höppner

Oli und Thando      DUBE Ilanga Festival Hamburg


Together with you we creatively develope optimum concepts for your small or large events. We have also partnered up with specialized and experienced authentic South African Catering Services - from 'finger food' up to seven-course dinner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us: for further information or when it comes to realizing your ideas and wishes - we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Petra Heinemann

After the show, DUBE gladly takes time off for photos and a chat, as seen here with Petra Heinemann (2005)

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